Press Conference 3

Above: Sunshine with his Master, Katsura Bunshi VI, at a press conference at the Embassy of Canada, Tokyo, in August, 2013

Sunshine is currently on his 2015 Rakugo World Tour. See the World Tour page for more information!

Had a fantastic Edinburgh Fringe and a great show in London!

-Edinburgh Evening News

Sunshine is a funny, friendly Canadian! A bright, cheerful show! It’s quick! It’s funny! It’s educational!

An onstage dynamo!
-The Calgary Herald

“This 182-centimeter tall, blonde raconteur with the mile-wide smile has been wowing audiences worldwide with his high-octane, one-of-a-kind performances! He magically plucks laughter with rhythm and timing fit for an athlete!”
-Nikkei Asian Review

“Tightly controlled physical theatre! Deft choreography of body language and intonation!
And it’s also drop-dead funny!”

-Metropolis, Japan

“Sunshine has an indelible smile! Every word delivered at breakneck speed!”
-Highlighting Japan

“A raconteur extraordinaire! One of a kind! Sunshine is a star!”
-The Japan Times

“Japan’s answer to stand-up comedy!”
-CTV National News, Canada

“Fantastic! A sight to behold! Too much fun!”
-CBC Radio, Canada

“Charming! Engaging! Charismatic!
There is a sense of joy in everything Sunshine does!”

-Broadway Baby, United Kingdom

“Sunshine is a great hope! I take my hat off to him!”
-NHK News, Japan

“He illicits laughter with nimble verbal dexterity!”
-BS TV, Japan

“The most I’ve laughed all year! If you want to laugh from the bottom of your heart, Sunshine is a must-see!”
-Japan Journal (UK)

“Lovely! Intense! A one-man sitcom!
How can we resist?”

-CTV TV Montreal, Canada

“Sunshine has them laughing in the aisles!”
-Edinburgh Evening News, United Kingdom

“Japanese turn storytelling into an art – and Canadian is a pro at it!”
-Lexington Herald-Leader, United States

“Canadian adds hint of hoser to ancient Japanese comedy!”
-Globe and Mail, Canada

“Sunshine is a pioneer and ambassador! A huge star!”
-Vivascene, Canada

“One of a kind!”
-Richmond Review, Canada

“Something out of the ordinary! You will laugh!”
-Inside Toronto, Canada

“Sunshine certainly attracts attention!”
-Winnipeg Free Press, Canada

“Hurray! Hurray for Sunshine!”
-Nikka Times, Canada

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 4.59.26 PM
Sunshine has been appointed Friendship Ambassador for Japan and the Republic of Slovenia.

CCCJ logo1

Sunshine is the Cultural Ambassador for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Japan